Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iDevice Battery Life : How to increase your iDevice's battery life?

It's easy... just follow these steps!


That's the question that most iPhone users ask... These little tips are what you might interested in!

  • Don't always turn your cellular data on, turn it off when you don't need it. However, there's a way if you always use it, try switching from 3G or 4G to EDGE, you can still receive all your push notifications. REMEMBER : WI-FI Network uses less battery than cellular data!

  • Take a look at your screen brightness settings, when you're out in the sun and unlock the phone, BAM! Your battery runs out. The reason is that, the phone will turn on your brightness to maximum level to face off the sun. You can fix this problem by unchecking the "Auto-brightness" box and turn the level of brightness down.

  • Turn off the location service and bluetooth when you're not using it. Those are also functions which drain the battery quite a lot.

  • Update your iOS version. Apple usually implement good things via updates, battery is one of them.

  • Don't play games for a long time. (Seems a bit funny, but it's true!)

That's all for today. Only by doing these methods, you can increase your device's battery life by much. Hope you guys have a better day!

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