Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Set Custom Vibration in iOS

iOS Tips : How to Set Custom Vibration in your iPhone

Welcome to iDeviceFriends “Comeback” Post! Today, we are going to give you tips for someone who wants to make his iPhone vibrates along with your ringtone (or even in silent mode)!
It’s surprisingly easy! Just follow these step-by-step instructions!

Setting Custom Vibration in your iPhone

  • First, get to your home screen, and open “Settings”
  • Go to “Sounds”
  • Select “Ringtone” and then tap on “Vibration” an the top
  • Select “Create New Vibration” under CUSTOM

Now, to create your own pattern just…
  • Single Tap to create one short vibration
  • Long Tap to create a wave of vibration
After finished recording, press “Stop”, and press “Play” to view your recorded patterns.
If you’re not satisfied with the result, just press “Record” again!
That’s it! Easy, right?
Note :
  1. Don’t forget to turn on VIBRATION, and set whether you want “Vibrate on Ring” or“Vibrate on Silent”
  2. You can also choose vibration patterns which come with the iPhone by default.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to take screenshots or save images in your iPhone,iPod,iPad

Taking screenshots from your iDevice in ANY application and ANY time? Easy! Bonus : How to save photos from Safari or in most browsers.

Taking Screenshot

  • Just press home button and power button simultaneously, it can be done in any application or any time.

Saving photos from website or emails

  • Just tap and hold at the photo you want, then tap Save Image, done!

iOS 7 Beta 1 NO Developer UDID NEEDED : STEP BY STEP.

Much, much easier than you think... follow these steps.


1.This is a DEVELOPER PREVIEW BETA 1, expect the bugs, etc.
2.You don't need to jailbreak the device, and the jailbroken device will lost its jailbroken state.
3.Backup locally if you want to. (Normally iTunes will do it for you.)
4.Either of iPhone 4 or later, iPod 5th Generation, iPad 2 or later is required.


1.Download the regular iOS 7 ipsw from websites. I won't give the links, you must find them on the internet. The correct file size should be about 1GB. Make sure to select the iDevice model that you're using.
Guide : Torrents can help you.
ipsw name example : iPhone3,1_7.0_11A4372q_Restore.ipsw

2.Open iTunes, and then SHIFT+CLICK at "Check for update" (or ALT+CLICK in mac)

3.Select the downloaded ipsw file

4.Update, the process doesn't take a long time. (5-10 minutes)

5.The device will restart, and you are free to use all the features and the Developer UDID isn't required in this method.

HAPPY iOS7-ing !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surfing websites privately on your iPhone,iPod,iPad? Here's how!

Surfing websites privately? It's as easy as pie!

Private browsing

Private Browsing will let no one know what you are browsing. Safari doesn't remember the pages you visit, history, or AutoFill information. It will also block some websites from tracking your usages. To activate Private Browsing, just follow this step.

Settings ->  Safari -> Private Browsing : ON

The browser bars will be blackened after the Private Browsing is ON as shown in the picture above.
The only thing you need to be careful about is to close the tabs every time you finish browsing them, and yes, nothing will be saved on your iDevice.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iPhone, iPod, iPad : Extending the lifespan of home button.

Home button is the second most important button of your device. Here is an another way to help you protect it.

Guided Access

Turn on the Guided Access feature in Settings, you will be able to press the home button virtually from the shortcut on the screen. (without having to touch the physical button) Here's how.

Settings ->  General ->  Accessibility ->  Assistive Touch : On

Jailbreak : Yes or No?

Which path will you choose?

Jailbreaking... worth it or not?


  • Access to Cydia, the very wide sources of cool apps which can't be found on AppStore.
  • Access to many non-prohibited areas, such as FaceTime over cellular data in older devices.
  • Many tweaks you that you could access to, like using an Android device.
  • It's easy and free, and you can choose various methods to do so.
  • *cough* Free apps


  • Void warranty (INSTANTLY)
  • Unexpected problems will occur, such as bricking, errors, etc.
  • Somewhat illegal.
  • Security concerns
  • Apple won't be covering ANY damage done to the device anymore.

For me, cons of jailbreaking outweighs the pros, so I didn't jailbreak. Think carefully before you do it, iOS 7 is coming. However, if you are out of the period of AppleCare plan, you can consider it again.