Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to take screenshots or save images in your iPhone,iPod,iPad

Taking screenshots from your iDevice in ANY application and ANY time? Easy! Bonus : How to save photos from Safari or in most browsers.

Taking Screenshot

  • Just press home button and power button simultaneously, it can be done in any application or any time.

Saving photos from website or emails

  • Just tap and hold at the photo you want, then tap Save Image, done!

iOS 7 Beta 1 NO Developer UDID NEEDED : STEP BY STEP.

Much, much easier than you think... follow these steps.


1.This is a DEVELOPER PREVIEW BETA 1, expect the bugs, etc.
2.You don't need to jailbreak the device, and the jailbroken device will lost its jailbroken state.
3.Backup locally if you want to. (Normally iTunes will do it for you.)
4.Either of iPhone 4 or later, iPod 5th Generation, iPad 2 or later is required.


1.Download the regular iOS 7 ipsw from websites. I won't give the links, you must find them on the internet. The correct file size should be about 1GB. Make sure to select the iDevice model that you're using.
Guide : Torrents can help you.
ipsw name example : iPhone3,1_7.0_11A4372q_Restore.ipsw

2.Open iTunes, and then SHIFT+CLICK at "Check for update" (or ALT+CLICK in mac)

3.Select the downloaded ipsw file

4.Update, the process doesn't take a long time. (5-10 minutes)

5.The device will restart, and you are free to use all the features and the Developer UDID isn't required in this method.

HAPPY iOS7-ing !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surfing websites privately on your iPhone,iPod,iPad? Here's how!

Surfing websites privately? It's as easy as pie!

Private browsing

Private Browsing will let no one know what you are browsing. Safari doesn't remember the pages you visit, history, or AutoFill information. It will also block some websites from tracking your usages. To activate Private Browsing, just follow this step.

Settings ->  Safari -> Private Browsing : ON

The browser bars will be blackened after the Private Browsing is ON as shown in the picture above.
The only thing you need to be careful about is to close the tabs every time you finish browsing them, and yes, nothing will be saved on your iDevice.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iPhone, iPod, iPad : Extending the lifespan of home button.

Home button is the second most important button of your device. Here is an another way to help you protect it.

Guided Access

Turn on the Guided Access feature in Settings, you will be able to press the home button virtually from the shortcut on the screen. (without having to touch the physical button) Here's how.

Settings ->  General ->  Accessibility ->  Assistive Touch : On

Jailbreak : Yes or No?

Which path will you choose?

Jailbreaking... worth it or not?


  • Access to Cydia, the very wide sources of cool apps which can't be found on AppStore.
  • Access to many non-prohibited areas, such as FaceTime over cellular data in older devices.
  • Many tweaks you that you could access to, like using an Android device.
  • It's easy and free, and you can choose various methods to do so.
  • *cough* Free apps


  • Void warranty (INSTANTLY)
  • Unexpected problems will occur, such as bricking, errors, etc.
  • Somewhat illegal.
  • Security concerns
  • Apple won't be covering ANY damage done to the device anymore.

For me, cons of jailbreaking outweighs the pros, so I didn't jailbreak. Think carefully before you do it, iOS 7 is coming. However, if you are out of the period of AppleCare plan, you can consider it again.

iDevice Battery Life : How to increase your iDevice's battery life?

It's easy... just follow these steps!


That's the question that most iPhone users ask... These little tips are what you might interested in!

  • Don't always turn your cellular data on, turn it off when you don't need it. However, there's a way if you always use it, try switching from 3G or 4G to EDGE, you can still receive all your push notifications. REMEMBER : WI-FI Network uses less battery than cellular data!

  • Take a look at your screen brightness settings, when you're out in the sun and unlock the phone, BAM! Your battery runs out. The reason is that, the phone will turn on your brightness to maximum level to face off the sun. You can fix this problem by unchecking the "Auto-brightness" box and turn the level of brightness down.

  • Turn off the location service and bluetooth when you're not using it. Those are also functions which drain the battery quite a lot.

  • Update your iOS version. Apple usually implement good things via updates, battery is one of them.

  • Don't play games for a long time. (Seems a bit funny, but it's true!)

That's all for today. Only by doing these methods, you can increase your device's battery life by much. Hope you guys have a better day!

WWDC 2013 : The Whole New Beginning of iOS and OS X Revolution

WWDC 2013 : The Whole New Beginning of iOS and OS X Revolution

As many of you all have already known about the new contents of WWDC this year, I will sum them up for you guys, so you won't need to watch the super-long keynote video, or if you still want to, it's here. (Credit : CNET)

SKIP TO 1:13:35

There's no iPhone 5s or new Macbook Pro line presented in this keynote, it will come soon, but at least not now. Today's updates consist of
  1. New Mac OS X : Mavericks
  2. New iOS 7
  3. New Macbook Air line
  4. Sneak Peak of the new Mac Pro

Summarized Updates Information


New Generation Mac Pro unveiled : 

- It's an all-new Mac Pro, not even left out any old design or specs and WOW! it's quite impressive. Apple said that it will be capable to say that it lasts for like, 10 years! (Maybe because it's said that it will be assembled in USA.) It packs with a new CYLINDRICAL design features, and a very overwhelming specs. It even supports 4K displays, and after all, it is amazingly smaller. And if you are interested, here are the specs.
  • 12 Cores Intel Xenon E5 CPU  
  •  Dual AMD Graphics (First time ever on Mac)
  • Flash Storage 
  • Six Thunderbolt 2.0 and four USB 3.0 ports
  • A faster 1,866 Mhz DDR3 RAM 
  • Supporting up to three 4K Displays 
  • New thermal core, directing the heat through the center up to the top of the machine.  
 To me, this is quite a professional Mac, which is suitable for a very professional use. If you are not that hardcore mac user, take a look at the new Macbook Air!

New Generation Macbook Air (2013) :

-It keeps the old design, but packs a lot more to impress us. Apple starts off with an amazing battery life with the new models. This generation Macbook Air is really an ideal laptop to use in daily life, with 12 HOURS BATTERY on 13 inch model and even 9 HOURS on 11 inch. Guess what, they CUT THE PRICE OFF the 13 inch model and DOUBLES the storage on baseline model.And it goes with the trend of Apple to bump the specs up a little bit, which goes as expected. It doesn't have the retina display which was rumored around quite a long time. (But it's not weird, because Apple already made a thin Retina Display Macbook Pro!) Here are the new specs.
  • 4th Generation Intel Hashwell CPU (i5 or i7)
  •  Integrated Intel HD 5000 Graphics (Apple claims it improves graphics performance from HD 4000 for 40%) If anyone wonders, its performance is around Nvidia GeForce GT540-640m
  • 802.11ac WiFi Support 
  • More SSD Speed (According to the review, it's even almost doubles the 15 inches Retina display Macbook Pro's Performance!)
  • $999 and $1,099 for baseline 11 inches, 13 inches models respectively
  •  Ships now with Mountain Lion 


- This is the main thing of keynote today. The iOS 7 just surprised everyone. Everything changes, what you see from the first version of iOS has been changed. At one point I actually think that the iOS 7 was inspired from Android and Windows Phone. At first glance, I saw the beautiful font on the lockscreen that was previewed and wow, that's basically almost the same to the Windows Phone's font. Even the new basic user interfaces looks quite familiar to Windows Phone. The additional Control Center has been added, which is the function that was already in Android OS for a long long time.
"Inspiration is not Copying, Apple is making the iOS better by some inspiration of other OS" 
 Apple just completely changed the UI of the phone, but keeping the old ways of using it. The transitions were changed a lot, the icons are much more vibrant.
There are new functions implemented, but it's more of an improvement such as, better Siri, new multitasking style, etc. All of the system applications theme were changed. Everything is more transparent and gives more 3D feelings.

 Only these devices are eligible for the update! Coming this fall.

  • iPhone 4 or later
  • iPad 2 or later 
  • iPod touch 5th Generation or later


OS X Mavericks

 -Only little updates are announced, they are quite small as well. The only main change is that the Mac OS will now brilliantly use the resources that the computer have, resulting in a faster system and more battery life. OS X Mavericks is the first OS X which doesn't use the name of the fellow cats or lions family. It's inspired by waves in Carlifornia. The updates are as following.
  • Calendars 
  • Maps 
  •  Safari  
  •  Finder Tabs (Works like Safari)  
  •  Tags
  • Notification
  •  Multiple Displays
  • iCloud Keychain (This one is quite interesting, it remembers your passwords or log in information and share to all of your devices, more convenience!)  
  • Advanced Technologies (Better power consumption and CPU/GPU management)

PHEWW! That's all for my update today, I'm quite free because I have no class. I hope you guys enjoy the contents! Thank you for reading my article!

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